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Mississippi Officer Fired After Discovery Of Sexual Relationship With A Minor Evidence Includes Fake Facebook Pages And A Diary

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WLOX News has uncovered new details about what led investigators to arrest a Long Beach Police officer for three counts of sexual battery involving a minor. A Harrison County affidavit WLOX obtained said a young girl’s diary detailed the relationship between former officer Patrick Klis and a 15-year-old girl. The diary entries were allegedly made by the 15-year-old’s friend.

WLOX also found online pictures of Klis and the young girl he was allegedly in a relationship with. Patrick Klis and the young girl allegedly had Facebook pages under fake names. We looked at those pages and saw several pictures of Klis and a young girl. We have blurred out her face because she is a minor.

In some of the pictures, Klis is actually wearing his Long Beach Police uniform.

long beach officer

Hours after WLOX News discovered the Facebook pages, the accounts were frozen at the request of investigators. The postings could be used later as evidence in court.

In the affidavit, one of the people interviewed by investigators stated that Klis and the young girl would have sexual relations only when Klis was on duty at the police department. The affidavit also said that the sexual relations happened once or twice a week in an abandoned house and in a non-profit organization’s building in Long Beach.

The person interviewed also told detectives the relationship began last October.

Since Klis’s arrest on Saturday, he has been fired by the Long Beach Police Department. No word yet on when he will be in court but we will continue to follow this case and bring you the latest on WLOX News and WLOX.com.

Source: MSNNewsNow.com


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