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Minnesota Man Allegedly Takes Dead Mother To The Bank To Withdraw Money Before Reporting Her Death

David Vanzo

Police in Minnesota are investigating if a man wheeled his dead mother into a bank to withdraw funds in her name just hours before he reported her deceased.

Up until her death two weeks ago, Caryl Vanzo, 90, had been living with her son David at his home in Plymouth.

But just seven hours before he called local police to report his mom’s death, the pair took a taxi to a local branch of Wells Fargo where they withdrew $850.

‘I don’t know if she was unconscious, or not alive,’ the neighbor told FOX 9.

Police responding to David’s call that his mom was dead arrived at the home to find Caryl in bed, wearing a robe and fur coat.

They reported that she smelled of urine and her boots were covered in human feces.

The cops arrest David for elderly neglect, but are also now investigating him for financial exploitation.

He denies that his mother was already dead when he took her to the bank and claims the $850 was from a joint account.

‘My mother and I had an agreement,’ he told Fox 9. ‘I took care of my mom for years, I’m the good guy here, not the bad guy.’

However this isn’t the first time David had been accused of financial exploitation of his mother.

He once withdrew $47,500 and then $25,600 from her account and Caryl failed to explain to local social workers why a reverse mortgage for $118,000 had been taken out in her name.


Source: Daily Mail

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