A Minnesota Father With African-American Daughter Calls Out Teen Racist Bullies


Bradley Knudson and his wife were celebrating New Year’s Eve with their daughter and her friends when their daughter’s friend alerted them to racist messages being sent to their daughter via Snapchat. The video and photo sharing service is enormously popular with teens because messages “self-destruct” after being viewed (warning to teens—they don’t disappear forever, as advertised).

When their daughter received a fourth message from the bullies, their dad recorded it. After weeks of attempting to contact the parents, he finally reached the father of the bullies and Bradley Knudson was so shocked at their blatantly racist response, he recorded it all and posted it to social media—with the blessing of the man in question.

Hear Bradley Knudson’s heartfelt story and the racist responses Bradley Knudson received after contacting the father:

Source: Daily KOS
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