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MiMi Faust Said Stevie J is Whacked In The Bedroom, She Praises Nikko



Mimi Faust is taking shots at Stevie J’s ego by making some TMI statements about his bedroom game.

Joseline Hernandez might not have any complaints about Stevie’s beefcake, but Mimi sure does! Now that everyone’s seen her rolling around in the sheets with Nikko on their sex tape, many people want to know if Stevie was better.

For what it’s worth, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said neither of the men is physically lacking. “I’m gonna say they are both well endowed. I’ve been very fortunate in that department. I’ve been very lucky,” Mimi told Futura Media with a laugh.

All things being equal, physically speaking, Mimi said that she much prefers Nikko’s behavior in bed. Her main turn off about Stevie? She claims he’s got a pretty dirty mouth when getting down.

“He’s very vulgar. And to me, for my liking…I know some other women might like this, but he talks too much and it’s too rude in the bedroom,” Mimi explained.

“Like I don’t like to be called a btch, ho and a slut every time I have sex. I don’t enjoy that type of behavior,” Mimi added. “He’ll be like, ‘You fcking whore! You slut!’ I can’t.”




Source: S2Smagazine.com





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