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Military Family Gets A Big Surprise From Ellen Degeneres

military mom

Stay at home mother Cari Curtis gave up her job as a kindergarten teacher a while back so she could watch her children. It became difficult to afford daycare with her salary, so she stayed home with the kids instead. Her husband is currently in the Army Reserves and is making his way home shortly.

Cari’s husband works for the Special Forces so she is never aware of his location. But, she is always worried and excited when he comes home. Both were nervous about how to pay for their kids’ Christmas presents. But thanks to Ellen and awesome supporters, this military family is getting the Christmas of a lifetime!

Being together as a family is the true meaning of the holidays, but to have some extra on the side to spend is a HUGE plus. All the kids wishes come true!

Check out this awesome video of the Curtis family surprise below:



Source: Christian Post

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