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Microsoft Unveils Next Best Thing: Holoportation

A Microsoft employee is seen viewing a 3D version of himself in real-time thanks to holoportation. The box on the bottom left shows what he sees, while the child’s actual physical location is seen in the top left box. Photo Credit: YouTube

A Microsoft employee is seen viewing a 3D version of himself in real-time thanks to holoportation. The lens shows what he sees, while the man’s actual physical location is on the left. Photo Credit: YouTube

Virtual teleportation is here, and Microsoft is eager to show it off.

The tech giant has unveiled something it calls holoportation, which involves using 3D capture technology to beam someone’s image to another location in real time.

Users are surrounded by 3D cameras and then given HoloLens, or specialized headpieces that allow them to see other users in real time, explains Partner Research Manager Shahram Izadi in a video tutorial the company posted to YouTube last week.

In a four-minute demonstration, Izadi first is visited by an assistant’s 3D image. They interact with each other directly — even move to give each other a high five — although their bodies are in different rooms.

Next, a 3D image of Izadi’s daughter appears. In real life, she is playing with dolls in another room. She can’t see her dad because she isn’t wearing a HoloLens, but she can hear him and respond to him — and he can plainly see the image of her and her toys as if they’re in the room with him.

After saying goodbye to his daughter, Izadi shows off one more element of the technology: Not only can he replay their interaction, but he can shrink down the 3D images until they look like tiny, moving figurines.

Excited YouTube users were quick to comment on the vast possibilities of using holoportation, with many bringing up how it could change porn in the future. The one catch, however, is that users can’t touch each other — for now, at least.

Source: HuffPost

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