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Michigan Police Officer Reinstated After She Brutally Chopped Off A Detainee’s Hair Weave

bernadette najor

The Michigan police officer who was fired for forcibly cutting off the artificial hair from a detained woman’s head is being reinstated, but the city doesn’t want her back.

After being terminated more than a year ago, an arbitrator has ruled that Bernadette Najor be reinstated to the Detroit police force with full back pay, benefits, and seniority, Macomb Daily reports.

Last year, Najor was fired after being caught on video having Chadra Gregory, then 22, strapped into a chair and brutally yanking and cutting off the woman’s hair leaving her with bald spots.

A surveillance video of the detention area showed Gregory struggling to stand and Najor repeatedly pushing her, with force, onto a bench.

Officers then forced Gregory into a chair, strapped her down, and Najor began forcibly cutting the woman’s hair weave from her head.

A hair weave is woven into a person’s hair using a needle and thread.

Rough handling of the artificial hair can result in the  loss of hair and can even cause bruising or great damage to the scalp.

Najor spent three minutes yanking and cutting the hair from Gregory’s scalp leaving her with bald spots as a result of the hair-pulling attack.

Najor held that she cut Gregory’s hair because the woman was a suicide risk, but Najor failed to file the paperwork required, stating that she did so, according to the Huffington Post.

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Charda Gregory

Charda Gregory

Though the video has no sound, Gregory is seen kicking her legs and writhing in pain as the officer roughly handles her hair. 

The Warren Police Department issued a statement indicating that it will follow the arbitrator’s decision despite personal opinion.

‘The city strongly disagrees with the arbitrator’s decision,’ the statement reads. ‘The actions taken by the Warren Police Department were appropriate and required.’

Source: Daily Mail

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