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Michigan Mother Hides Dead Baby Under Desk After She Gives Birth And Goes Back To Work

dead baby

The body of a newborn baby was discovered hidden in a cubicle inside a Michigan office building after police say the mother had secretly given birth in the bathroom and then returned to her seat to resume her work.

Staff at Ceva Logistics in the 24400 block of Glendale Avenue in Redford reportedly had no idea their co-worker had been pregnant until Tuesday morning.

Police confirmed that the 26-year-old woman, who has not been named, delivered a baby that was later pronounced dead.

Fox 2 reported that employees at Ceva Logistics, an international company specializing in freight shipping, heard moaning coming from a bathroom stall at around 10am Tuesday.

Not long after, staffers entered the restroom and discovered blood all over a stall.

The Ceva employees returned to the office asking their co-workers if everyone was OK, but one woman seating in a cubicle remained silent.

Police were called to the office and found that the 26-year-old worker had blood on her clothes, but there was no sign of a baby.

When officers searched her work space, they discovered a newborn’s lifeless body stuffed inside her bag and hidden beneath her desk.

The mother and baby were taken to a local hospital, where the child was pronounced dead

An autopsy has since been performed on the deceased infant, but Lt David Holt told Daily Mail Online they are waiting for a medical examiner to determine a cause of death, which could take up to several weeks.

It remains unknown at this time whether the baby was born alive, or whether the death was a homicide.

As of Thursday afternoon, the 26-year-old mother has not been arrested.

Ceva Logistics Director Ken L’Heureux told Detroit Free Press the employee worked for a temp agency and had previously told colleagues she was not expecting.

Source: Daily Mail

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