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Michael B. Jordan Delivers A Classic Clapback Against Rosanne At The MTV Movie Awards

Michael B.Jordan did an awesome job as Killmonger in the movie Black Panther.  Who knew Jordan needed a stage to show off his comedic skills.  Jordan received the “Best Villain Award” at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards and of course he was amazed and appreciative to win the award.  With that infectious smile he has it was the perfect opportunity to dazzle the audience with the clapback of all clapbacks in sheer Killmonger fashion against Rosanne. (Hey Auntie…LOL!) We just couldn’t resist!!

Take a look:

As we know Rosanne’s racist mouth by way of a tweet got her show cancelled with her comment she made about Valerie Jarrett who was the Senior Advisor to former President Barack Obama.

Michael accepting his award for Best Villain and saying “he thought for sure Rosanne had that in the bag” was pure shade genius.  The comment had the audience roaring with laughter.

EarHustle411 gives actor Michael B. Jordan mad props and a big high-five for the comedic shade, you are hereby EarHustle411 approved!!

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