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Seven Spoon

Shala Esquires Seven Spoon (Social Commentary Art)

Seven Spoon exhibit presented by Maestro Dobel Tequila

About Seven Spoon:

Shala’s Seven Spoon is a subversive, stylish and irreverent adolescent character created by the acclaimed nigerian american musician and artist, Shala. Inspired by his love for women, Shala creates these pieces to inspire bold, unique girls to embrace their individuality and celebrate women that are under-represented in the media. She is presented as a collection of a multimedia cartoon portraits made available mainly through limited-edition giclees, t-shirts and books. Each Seven Spoon’s portrait is created through a unique mixed media process of pencil, ink, marker-rendering, digital collage and digital texturing.

The finished work is then made available on various platforms, including limited edition stretched canvas giclees and books; signed and numbered by Shala. Seven Spoon art is collected and followed by a worldwide movement of enthusiasts and like-minds.  Seven is also curiously mimicked by a genre of ladies called ‘Sevens.’ She is released weekly in collections of 12 portrait pieces known as seasons. Season eight is currently in release. It features collaboration pieces with seven’s long time fan, Estelle, the English R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer.

Shala is a chicago-based visual artist and musician. He is the founder and chief creative officer of the movement worldwide, inc.; an art-based lifestyle company that produces music and designer goods.

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