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Meet Jovan Landry “The Triple Threat”



Once Jovan understood that a huge studio and major record label was not needed to make timeless records, music became that of an audible diary for the emcee. With a current home base in Chicago, Illinois, Jovan was actually able to gain her wide range of perspectives from prior residencies. These experiences from California and Minnesota see as though she stands out from other artists within the area; explaining the fact thatChicago rapper would be hard stamp to place upon her. Setting her even further away from the category would be her film-making and photographer crafts, with her filming desire being her most beloved passion of them all.

The year of 2008 is when she initially started doing video blogs and that same year she began to experiment with the processes of beat making; devoting that drive as a mere hobby. It was not until a year later when she began to express her lyrical abilities; being able to exist within three different industries for a total of six years. What keeps her above float in such waters, well the struggle that she witnessed amongst her mother and a father who was incarcerated through her childhood years? Jovan feels as though thinking about what you are putting into the universe musically and how that affects your audience, causes for your longevity. Taking the time out to make timeless workings that have the ability to affect the world in a positive manner, will see to it that same positivity revolves back towards you; developing creative sounds of second nature.


Even with that being said Jovan is still trying to grasp fully upon why female emcees have a tougher time breaking into the industry. What she has learned is that women have to fit a certain stigma, which is the hyper feminism trait and that women within the game have to learn to work together; becoming a force of demand.

As a conscious rapper she feels as though she sometimes fails to see that movement with the current influx of female emcees coming out of Chicago. As a direct result that is the perception of those on the outside looking inward, believing that is all the city has to offer; this causes a certain emcee to get overlooked.

Considering that she is still within stages of coming up one might overlook that fact she is role model, just by being able to give advice; in return receiving an audience of trustworthy individuals. Not only that but the fact she wants to continue spreading positivity within an industry and an environment that tends to frown upon certain morals. Seemingly Jovan is working with a non-profit organization based in the city, the BRIJ Fund which brings awareness to the black community, institutions as well as businesses. Further giving back she has also created a poetic film service entitled “Film Series, Chicago Voices”, starring Chicago poets and spoken word artists with sole purposes of focusing upon the youth violence.

1/3 Filmmaker + 1/3 Photographer + 1/3 Emcee = 100% Human, Jovan Landry…

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