Meet The Alleged Side Chick That Broke Up Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey


Meet The Alleged Side Chick That Broke Up Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

 There have been multiple theories floating around about what caused Nick and Mariah’s marriage to crumble and apparently, one of them suggests that Nick had been carrying on an affair with “Wild N’ Out” model Brittany Dailey. As it turns out, the rumors surrounding Nick and Brittany began circulating after an anonymous source reached out to Tattle Tailzz claiming to have knowledge of the affair.


“Nick Cannon got his side piece Brittany Dailey a job on his show,” the source alleged. “Nick gave the well known L.A. video vixen Brittany Dailey a job on MTV’s ‘Wild’n’ Out.’ Brittany has been around a few times in the industry from bad boy Chris Brown and NBA baller James Harden.
Nick and Brittany have been creeping for some time now, on set they act like they barely get along but a few co workers know what’s really going on. I can’t believe he is willing to risk so much on so little…He tells Brittany that Mariah gets on his last nerves..and how Mariah makes him feel less than a man.”

Source:  Dallasblack.com
Source: Jazmine Denise Rogers



Brittany Dailey recently decided to dispel the rumors with a couple of tweets.

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