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Meet the 11-Year-Old Who Could Change Ferguson and Possibly the World


Meet the 11-Year-Old Who Could Change Ferguson and Possibly the World

Last month, Ferguson, Mo., was in full uproar after a police officer shot an unarmed teen. People protested. Cops wore military gear and threw tear gas. The nation was on notice.

Marquis Govan, 11, dressed in khakis and a white dress shirt, appeared before the St. Louis County Council last month and told its members how to help the people of Ferguson:

“I would just like to say that the people of Ferguson, I believe, don’t need tear gas thrown at them. I believe they need jobs,” the sixth-grader said.

He didn’t stop there. He asked those gathered on their judiciary perches, “Where are all the African-American police officers in our community?”

He even scolded them a bit:

“You’re paying attention to the wrong things,” he said. “You’re paying attention to the looting and things like that, when the real issues aren’t being solved. There’s a reason why those people are out there.”

When he left the podium, people applauded. CBS Sunday Morning sat down with the young man in an interview that aired Sunday to hear what other changes Marquis would make, and let’s just say if Marquis is the possible leader of a future generation, then the kids are all right.

Watch below:

Source: The Root

Source:  Stephen A. Crockett Jr.


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