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Medical News: Doctors Found A Cure For Skin Condition Vitiligo In Cuba Since 1987

Medical News: Doctors Find A Cure For Skin Condition Vitiligo

Doctors claim that they have discovered a cure for vitiligo. There was a drug named Melagenina Plus which successfully cured this condition through a research done by the Histotherapy Center from Havana in Cuba. It is actually made from human placenta and is able to stimulate melanocytes production.

Recent studies showed that the remedy is 86% effective. Its application is harmless and can be used in the treatment of children, pregnant women, as well as elderly people as there are no side effects. There are factors influence its effectiveness, and those are: age, race, percent of the affected area, time course of the disease, affected areas, and the correct application of the treatment.

Vitiligo treatment with Melagenina Plus

Vitiligo is generally thought of as an incurable disease and at most, people who suffer from this skin condition can only be treated in the hope of improving the appearance of the affected area. Melagenina Plus is an ointment developed in Cuba, has been shown to be effective in about 86% of the time. Indeed, the success of this ointment has lead the the Cuban government in 1987 to establish International and National Clinical Services in order to deal with increased demand for treatment of vitiligo both locally and internationally. Cubaheal asserts that a 100 patients from about 90 different countries a month seek this treatment in Cuba.


Source:  Healthytipsworld

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