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Medical News: Did You Know Soldier Ants Were Used To Stitch Wounds In Africa

Did You Know Medical News: Soldier Ants Were Used To Stitch Wounds In Africa
Did you know that by holding the edges of a cut together, a healer can then place a number of ants directly on a wound for healing?   Instinctively the insects bite down directly onto the flesh and lock their jaws, sealing the cut like a medical suture.
The healer then cuts off the thoraxes and tails of the ants. The jaws remain in the skin for several days until the area is healed. Though the procedure is still being observed on the continent, it is slowly disappearing with the proliferation of hospitals and clinics. visiting an emergency room is like these days.
They are reluctant to heal you, eager to overcharge you and have no respect for you as a human being. The healer knew you. Knew your family. Loved all that called and treated with the knowledge of the ancients.  Something has been lost in Western treatment.


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