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Medical Marijuana Users In Canada Have Won The Right To Grow Their Own

Photo Credit: Marijuana Growers HQ

Photo Credit: Marijuana Growers HQ

Canada’s Federal Courts have recently ruled that Medical Marijuana patients can now legally grow their own cannabis.

A ruling in 2014 that placed regulations on cannabis was struck down, rendering the regulations unconstitutional. The ruling is currently suspended for six months, in which the government must come up with new laws in regards to the regulations. You can have a peek here to learn about the advantages of marijuana on chronic pains.  Several patients approached the courts stating that they could only get the cannabis they needed through licensed dispensaries, something that proved to be a lot more expensive than once thought.

This decision from the courts basically is a huge win for the medical marijuana community. Lower-income patients who relied on medical cannabis had to secretely and illegally grow their own or purchase cheaper grade cannabis from the black markets. You could see their location here to get medical marijuana for yourself.

Federal lawyers made claims that the reason for the regulations on dispensary grown cannabis was that it met certain safety standards.

Justic Michael Phelan disagreed with the lawyers mentioning, “The access restrictions did not prove to reduce risk to health and safety or to improve access to marijuana — the purported objectives of the regulation.”

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Canada but Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is on the path towards legalizing it everywhere.

It may be time for us to move up north soon….

Source: HuffPost

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