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MC Lyte & Lynn Richardson Have An Intimate Conversation With A Packed House At Taste 222 In Chicago!!

The Hip Hop Sisters Foundation along with Fifth Third Bank Set the tone for “An Intimate Conversation with the Legendary MC Lyte, Financial Guru Dr. Lynn Richardson and “The Numberz” Girl Ingrid Morris.

Downtown Chicago at venue Taste 222 (home to the late Chef Judson Todd Allen) was on FIYAH with a packed house of women and men as the discussion about relationships and finance got under way.

Guests were treated to complimentary cuisine and cocktails with the special of the evening being the newly created “Sunni Gyrl”.  According to the guests it was a very refreshing drink.

Photo Credit: SunShyne

Photo Credit: SunShyne

An Intimate Conversation was the brainchild of the recently engaged Ingrid Morris who served as the Celebrity CFO for Sunni Gyrl Global, Inc.  Having reached out to several potential sponsors to bring her idea to life. The pool came down to a battle of “Tug O’Ingrid” between two banks and Fifth Third Bank prevailed with representative Rhonda White taking full responsibility for its execution.

Hosting the “Intimate Couch” was Bank SVP Of Community Development Nicole Johnson-Scales who did a phenomenal job with the conversation.

Photo Credit SunShyne

Guests were enlightened as well as entertained but more importantly, they learned that in this day of the “independent women” movement women must not only be able to handle their own but also be willing to allow the man in their lives to lead them.  MC Lyte shared that in her years of building her legacy as an accomplished MC, Philanthropist she herself had not factored love into the equation.  After much thought about it and counsel she opened her mind as well as her heart thus entering the love of her life that led to her getting married last year.

Ingrid of the three is about to embark on a journey of marital bliss in a few weeks and she shared her views on her relationship and how money plays a role.  She said that she and her fiance worked on getting their credit stronger together.  As she went through a divorce and if anyone has ever been through one it’s a credit rating killer.  So her soon to be “yummy hubby” is right n track, they worked on their finances together, thus putting them in a position to be on the same page in the marriage when the subject of money comes up.

Dr. Lynn Richardson who has been with her “yummy hubby” for over 20 years, shared her views about being the bread-winner in her household and how her husband factors into that situation.  Truthfully he is very comfortable and confident within himself and what is the most important to him is his family.  Dr. Richardson shared that she absolutely trusts his counsel (of course after God) and whenever she is feeling unsure or uneasy about something she relies on the counsel of her husband Demetrius.

The new book Your Man & Your Money is certainly a great “how to” guide for couples to get a bird’s-eye view on what to do in their relationship and how to keep it from going “bankrupt”.

This intimate conversation was just the beginning for friends and fans of MC Lyte, Lynn and Ingrid to get a transparent look inside what they are doing to keep their relationships strong and stable especially when they are the top earners.  They have taken sound instruction from the greatest book to ever go to print…The Holy Bible.  A man that findeth a woman findeth a good thing!! Although they lead by way of finance, the man is the the head of their households.

To purchase a copy of Your Man & Your Money: How To Get ‘Em and How To Keep ‘Em Click Here

Shoutouts and kudos to Fifth Third Bank for sponsoring an amazing event.  We are sure more intimate conversations are ahead and EarHustle411 will be right there to gather all the details!!


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