Mayweather & TI Get Into Brawl at FatBurger Over TI’s Wife (Video)



According to reports, rapper TI and Floyd Mayweather got into a fight at Fatburger in Las Vegas.

According to several witnesses … Floyd was eating inside the Fatburger when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.

It’s unclear what caused the beef, but we’re told T.I. swung at Floyd … and then their giant bodyguards jumped in … and the whole scene exploded.

Las Vegas PD arrived just as Floyd was leaving and we’re told T.I. was already gone.

Police did confirm that one person suffered a minor injury during the fight, but neither side wanted to cooperate with an investigation.

The brawl is rumored to be over TI’s wife Tiny. TI reportedly approached Mayweather about Tiny being in the club with him and possibly sexting him when words were exchanged and a fight ensued.


We know Tiny was hanging out with Floyd this weekend. Here is a photo she posted on IG of her with his daughter who was having a birthday party this weekend.

Meanwhile, sometime during the same time T.I. was hanging out at Liquid pool with Nicki Minaj and taking selfies on Instagram. Ironically Nicki was also at Mayweather’s daughter birthday party.



Tiny a few weeks back was in attendance for Mayweather’s fight against Marcos Maidana, she posted the video below on Instagram. She was also in the media room following the fight as part of Mayweather’s entourage.

She had pretty good seats.

Here is Mayweather telling T.I. to “control his b*tch”.

He made sure his bodyguard got his watch before he did. The DJ of the Money Team makes a statement that T.I. is sensitive, jealous and insecure. He also points out that T.I. and his crew was beat up by the Money Team and says that Mayweather and Tiny are just friends.



Source: http://blacksportsonline.com


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