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Massachusetts Woman Allowed White Supremacist Husband To Terrorize Her Mixed Daughters


The mother of two girls who were allegedly beaten, tortured and threatened with rape by her white supremacist husband not only allowed but directed the abuse, prosecutors said Tuesday.

One month after Justin Ladd, 33, was indicted on 41 criminal counts in a Massachusetts courtroom, his wife, Anne Ladd, 32, has been arrested on a slew of similar charges, Salem News reported.

Authorities have accused the tattooed creep of attacking his stepdaughters, now aged 14 and 16, over the course of five years — all because they are half-Latina.

The stepdad allegedly beat them with a hammer, belts and pieces of wood at their North Andover home and even pulled their tongues with pliers.

He also exposed himself to the girls, made them “dance around like monkeys,” and threatened to “beat the black out of them,” said Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall, according to Salem News.

To further keep them in line, the girls were threatened with being raped by a motorcycle gang who were allegedly friends with Justin Ladd.

Meanwhile, the girls’ mother did nothing to help, prosecutors allege.


Instead, after her hubby’s arrest, Anne Ladd reportedly stood by her man and accused the girls of being “liars.”

Quid pro quo, the girls said Ladd fakes injuries, including a need for an oxygen tank, which he pulls out “when in the presence of authority,” according to Salem News.

That apparently included when he was booked on charges of assault approximately eight months ago, WCVB reported.

Workers with the Department of Children and Families have also reported seeing him put away his wheelchair and smoke a cigarette after speaking with them.

Anne Ladd is now charged with two counts of permitting assault and battery on a child, permitting assault and battery on a child causing serious bodily injury, and two counts of child endangerment. She’s being held on $1,000 bail.

Justin Ladd is being held without bail.

Source: NY Daily News


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