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Massachusetts Firefighters Sings Disney Song To Calm Scared Child During Rescue

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These Massachusetts firemen found a unique (and adorable) way to soothe a little girl while rescuing her and her family from a stuck elevator shaft.

Last week, Kaelyn Kerr, 4, was headed to a hair appointment with her mother and baby brother when they became trapped in an elevator, Today reported. The only way out was up a ladder and over a high wall, and little Kaelyn became frightened.

That’s when one of the firefighters began talking to the child about the hit Disney movie “Frozen” to distract her, and the other played the famous song from the film, “Let It Go,” on his cell phone. Soon, they were both serenading Kaelyn.

“It worked, we got her to a point where she was comfortable with us and up the ladder we went, right up and over, no problem,” firefighter John Keough said to Fox 59.

The firefighters, both fathers of young children, knew that the Disney film is popular with kids Kaelyn’s age.

“It was easily one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Kaelyn’s mother, Kristin Kerr, told Today. “They understood how to calm down a 4-year-old.”

“Let It Go” has been all over the web recently as videos of creative covers of the song go viral, like this one featuring 21 different Disney and Pixar character voices, and this one of Idina Menzel, Jimmy Fallen and The Roots performing with classroom instruments

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Source: Huffington Post


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