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Marine Veteran Kicked Out Of Pizza Hut

As a veteran stories that involve the mistreatment of veterans just makes my blood boil.  They give their lives to defending this country and aid to others and to be ON U.S. ground and get treated less than nothing is not right.  It does not matter to me if this “incident” only involved one Pizza Hut owner…..as a consumer all I see is PIZZA HUT!!!

Pizza Hut will NOT get another dime of my hard-earned money!!

Read about it as reported by Top Right News:

According to a Facebook post by a user calling himself Rick Libertas Semper, a popular pizza chain refused to serve him because he was wearing four patches signifying his service as a U.S. Marine. According to his profile, he lives in Green Bay, Wis.

“I decided to go to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet after work and was approached by the manager who came to tell me that for the safety of the patrons and staff they do not allow people in the restaurant wearing gang colors,” he wrote.

Of course, according to his account, the only ‘gang’ his colors represent is the Marine Corps.

“I was wearing my black leather jacket that has 4 patches and the back of the jacket is embroidered,” he recalled. “One patch says USMC, the other patch says Marine Combat Veteran, the 3rd patch is the unit patch for 3rd Marines 3rd Batallion and there is a patch of the US flag on it.”

The back of his jacket, he explained, is covered by an embroidered USMC emblem.

“I pointed out that these are not gang colors but represent one of the branches of our military,” he wrote, explaining he is a veteran and has “earned the right to wear them.”


The manager, however, reportedly “said he can’t be expected to know” the difference between patches “so they just don’t allow any of them in the restaurant.”

The veteran recounted his experience as evidence that the “world is full of idiots,” though he recognized the incident was isolated and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of all Pizza Hut franchises.

In a response to his initial post, he wrote that he believes it was just a case of a “young manager trying to look like he was in control.”

Nevertheless, reports of companies treating veterans with disrespect continue to surface across the nation. Making matters worse, our government is not only shrinking our active military ranks; it is providing fewer and fewer resources for those returning with physical and mental needs.

Source: Top Right News



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