#MannequinChallenge Video Leads Police To Alabama Home Where Two Are Arrested On Gun And Drug Charges


Photo Credit: Google

Two people were arrested and Madison County deputies executed a search warrant at a home on Powell Drive in Huntsville at about 5 a.m. Tuesday. This is the same home seen in a viral mannequin challenge video.

Investigators said that several weapons, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were recovered at the home.

The people in the video are shown with guns in various poses for the mannequin challenge. It went viral on social media.

Capt. Michael Salomonsky with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said the video was brought to their attention and prompted an investigation.

“You have to ask yourself a question. Why there? What’s going on at that location with all those firearms? What made it happen at that residence? We started an investigation to figure out why,” Salomonsky said.

Bronwen Murray, owner of In the Loop Communications, said social media is a powerful tool can be “your best friend or your worst enemy.”

“It’s very much a double-edge sword. People want their message out there. But often times once it’s out there, they want to take it back,” Murray said.

Murray said that oftentimes, even once a regrettable post is deleted, the damage is already done.

“In public relations, we have a saying ‘If you wouldn’t want it on your tombstone, don’t put it out there.’ Once you post to social media, the whole world is watching,” she said.

Lt. Stacy Bates of the Huntsville Police Department said authorities don’t go out of their way to look at civilians’ social media accounts, but when they’re tipped off to things like a gun-wielding mannequin challenge, they use social media to investigate.

Source: MSN News

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