Manager Of Portofino’s Allegedly Attacked & Robbed 2 African-American Girls, Told Them They Were Not Women, They Were Black B!tches & Ni**ers

Manager Of Portofino's Allegedly Attacked & Robbed 2 African-American Girls, Told Them They Were Not Human, They Were Black B!tches

The manager, a white man, at Portofino’s of Lexington assaulted and robbed two African-American kids on Saturday night while he was supposed to be doing his job. He also called them “niggers”. The victims ran down East Main Street as they screamed and pleaded for help.


One spectator told him to stop and mentioned that he shouldn’t hit women as he punched one of the children and dragged her down the street by her hair. His response was “They’re not women..They’re black bitches…” Even though there were many witnesses and obvious injuries sustained, the police refused to arrest this thug.

If the assailant had been black and the victims were white, an arrest would have been made immediately. Lexington continues to show us that white male privilege outweighs justice on any given day in America.


it’s unclear yet as to whether or not this criminal has been relieved of his position at Portofino’s. It seems to me that the restaurant and the Lexington Police Department are protecting the man who assaulted these youths. He should be charged with robbery and assault and it should be pursued as a HATE CRIME. SHARE this post if think these girls deserve justice…

Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted as we are updated.


Written by: Ondrae D. Walker

Source: Facebook


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