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Man Tries To Kidnap Teenage Girl From Dollar Store In Broad Daylight, Mother Foils His Attempt [Watch Video]

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A mother and daughter were out shopping at a Dollar General minding their own business, what happened next was unconscionable when out of nowhere, a man grabs a teenage girl and starts dragging her through the store attempting to kidnap her.

What’s scary about this situation, is the determination he had.  He would not let go even though the mother jumped on top of her daughter and held on to her for dear life.

The man named Craig Bonello is 30- years old with priors and  is now facing kidnapping and child abuse charges. The mother’s quick action and maternal instincts saved her daughter’s life as well as the off-duty police officer who by chance happened to be in the parking lot.

Keep an eye on your children at all times.  There are people out here paying big money for your children!


Check out the video below:



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