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Man Snaps Off on ‘Homeless’ Elderly Woman After Catching Her Driving a New Car [Video]

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How often do you stop and give panhandlers money? There are people who walk on by and pretend they don’t see the signs, and there are those who stop every time and give what they can out of the goodness of their heart.

Daniel Ayala is usually of the latter, however after this latest incident he’ll probably think twice before giving away his hard earned coins.

Daniel visits his local Oklahoma City Shell station pretty frequently and sees a 78-year-old lady begging for money, claiming she’s homeless and can’t afford to feed herself. Like any good citizen he gives her a few dollars each time he sees her — until one day he watches this ‘homeless’ lady climb into a 2013 Fiat.

Another woman, Brandi Newman, also frequently gives the elderly woman spare change and witness the same thing. While Brandi thought to pull out her camera and record, Daniel didn’t react so calmly. In fact, he let the elderly lady know exactly how he felt and it was all captured on camera.

Brandi posted the clip to her Facebook page, writing:


I gave the lady in this video money the other day on Penn and 140th because she was holding a sign that said 78 year old widow needs money for food. So today I pull up to the Shell on that same corner and see her sitting in a cute little Fiat. As I’m sitting there thinking “I got scammed by a little old lady”, a man approached her car ……and this is what happened next.

Source: Dallasblack.com

Source: B. Scott

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