Man Shot And Killed At McDonald’s In Las Vegas For Not Holding The Door Open For A Woman

Mohammad Robinson

Photo Credit: Google

A tragic shooting in a McDonald’s parking lot in Las Vegas resulted in the death of 31-year-old Mohammad Robinson.

On late Saturday night, Robinson was entering a McDonald’s as a young woman was coming out. He did not hold the door long enough and an argument then occurred. The woman then talked to a man she was with, who pulled out a gun and shot Robinson.

Robinson’s family members were shocked by the senselessness of his murder.

“It was a stupid reason honestly, irrelevant. It doesn’t make any sense why would you actually take someone’s life over not opening a door,” said Miniya Sampson, Robinson’s daughter. “It’s horrible. I want my dad back and you took him away from me!”

Robinson’s girlfriend, who is known only as Shea, created a crowd funding page to raise money for her boyfriend’s funeral.

“As I sit here trying to absorb this horrific news and put the broken pieces back together again for myself and family I worry how the future will play out from losing him and dealing with our youngest child who is currently hospitalized and suffering from a blood infection called sepsis at a young age of 3 months,”wrote Shea on the GoFundMe page. “I cry out for help and ask if everyone can come together in such a time of need and help with emotional and finicial [sic] support with burial services I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

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