Man Says, “I’m A Pedophile, Not A Child Molester; Let Me Explain!

Man Says, "I'm A Pedophile, Not A Child Molester; Let Me Explain!

A man who claims he’s a pedophile but he’s not a monster also claims he has never sexually abused a child and he never will because he was abused as a child.  He took on baby sitting jobs and came across a little girl he thought was so beautiful.  He was so turned on by this child that he had to go to the restroom and relieve himself.

He said he got to know and meet a lot of pedophiles online and they are a much larger group than society thinks they are.

This man says the term pedophile and child molesters are used interchangeably, he says, ” a pedophile has sexual attraction to kids but never harm them and a child molester acts on their sexual thoughts.

He claims not all pedophiles are child molesters and not all child molesters are pedophiles,  Sounds a bit confusing don’t you think?

Many pedophiles are Family Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, CEO’s, Police Officers, Priest’s etc.  The very same people who are supposed to protect your children are the one’s who cause them harm.  We as a society have to use discernment when leaving our children with people even friends, family and neighbors.

Pay close attention to your children, watch for signs of depression, anxiety and lack of communication.  Protect your children at all costs.

Check out video below:


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