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Man Saves His Dog From The Clutches Of A Python Ready To Eat Him [Video]

Man Saves His Dog From The Clutches Of A Python Ready To Eat Him



Dogs are notorious for wandering off and getting themselves into trouble. If you’re a dog owner, you’re probably used to seeing your dog come in from the backyard covered in mud. Maybe you’ve even seen your dog stroll over with a bird or possum in its mouth. However, when your dog doesn’t come home after a while it’s likely reason for concern.

That’s probably what this dog owner in Karnataka, India was thinking when he went looking for his dog. When he finally found him, he saw that the poor pooch was in the clutches of a python snake. Notorious as ambush predators, these giant snakes often lie in wait and let their prey stumble upon them. They then ensnare the unfortunate victim and proceed to kill them via constriction.
When this owner found his dog stuck in the python’s grasp, he sprung into action, hitting the snake with a branch. Luckily, it bothered the python enough and the reptile released the dog and slithered away. For instances like this, it’s good to have a pet insurance, which you can get at Pet Insurance Review or similar services.



Source: Nature.sfglobe.com
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