Man Raped, Killed & Ate Ex-Girlfriend’s Organs Not Fit To Stand Trial Says Judge!

Man Raped, Killed & Ate Ex-Girlfriends Organs Not Fit To Stand Trial Says Judge!

The things people are doing in society today are beyond words.  You simply cannot fathom the extent that people will go to destroy other peoples lives.

Some are saying that this guy is playing crazy but you have to be simply insane to rape, murder and eat your exes organs.  There is not a sane person in the world that would attest to doing something so deplorable.

See what is reported by Yahoo:

An Indiana judge ruled Wednesday that a 36-year-old man — accused of raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend before eating portions of her organs — is not mentally fit to stand trial, PEOPLE confirms.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull tells PEOPLE Judge Vicki Carmichael rendered her decision on Wednesday, after two psychologists and a psychiatrist evaluated Joseph Oberhansley, who allegedly stabbed Tammy Jo Blanton to death in 2014.

All three testified Oberhansley is not competent to be tried at this time.

Mull confirms to PEOPLE that, after being arrested for killing Blanton, Oberhansley spoke with investigators and allegedly confessed to consuming parts of her brain, heart, and lungs.

After Wednesday’s ruling, Oberhansley had an opportunity to speak to local reporters, according to WAVE 3 News.

“I’m embarrassed and outraged by these false charges against me,” Oberhansley told reporters, the station reports. “I’m innocent and should be released today.”

Mull confirms that, at the time of his arrest, Oberhansley was out of jail and on parole for a conviction for a previous killing that occurred when he was a teenager.

Oberhansley is now in the custody of Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

“He has been ordered committed to a secure facility which will provide competency restoration services to him,” Mull explains.

After three months, the state “will provide a report to the court on the status of his progress. He may, at that point, be remanded back to the court with a certification saying he is competent or the facility could determine he is not competent and won’t be for a while.”

In that case, Mull says Oberhansley “would be committed for a longer period of time for more competency restoration services.”

If he is ever found competent to stand trial, Mull says Oberhansley will be returned to jail so he can be tried for Blanton’s murder.

Mull has already filed paperwork announcing his intent to seek the death penalty for Oberhansley if he’s ever convicted.

Efforts to reach his lawyers were unsuccessful Friday.

Source:  Yahoo

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