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A Man Was Randomly Stabbed With Syringe And Told, “Welcome To The HIV Club”

A Man Was Randomly Stabbed With Syringe And Told, “Welcome To The HIV Club”


A Seattle community is living in fear after a man told police that he was randomly stabbed with a syringe by a woman who told him, “Welcome to the HIV club.”

According to KIRO Seattle, the incident occurred on September 17 just after midnight. The victim and his girlfriend were walking along the sidewalk in front of the Red Star bar in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood when he “felt a sharp prick and stabbing puncture to his left tricep.”

According to a police report, the victim says that he saw blood coming from where the needle punctured his skin. The victim told police that he was stunned and in shock after he was pricked, but eventually walked around the area looking for the woman who attacked him. Unfortunately, neither the victim or his girlfriend were able to find the suspect and the man who accompanied her. Following the incident, the man was treated at Harborview Medical Center; however, it remains unclear whether or not he tested positive for the HIV virus.

“We’ve never heard of anything like this in Seattle before,” Seattle Police Detective Patrick Michaud said. “There have been reports of something similar in other cities but nothing like this here.”

“And hopefully this is a very isolated incident,” he added. “We still have no idea who this person may have been.”

Officers combed the area where the attack took place for surveillance cameras, however, none of them worked.

“Hopefully,” Michaud said, “this was just somebody with a very poor sense of humor trying to scare someone in a way that is totally inappropriate.”

Though the victim immediately sought medical attention after the stabbing, he did not report it to police until two days later. Officers encourage anyone who may find themselves to a similar situation to immediately contact police.

Source:  madamenoire.com

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