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Man In Kentucky Faked His Own Death To Avoid Paying Child Support.

Man In Kentucky Faked His Own Death To Avoid Paying Child Support.

Williamsburg | A Kentucky man has been arrested this morning after faking his own death to avoid paying child support for his 11 children.

Jack Robertson, a 46-year old plumber who has had 11 children with 6 different women in the past 22 years, was arrested this morning by Williamsburg police officers after spending 177 days in hiding in the Daniel Boone National Park, only hundreds of kilometers away from his old residence in Hopkinsville, KY.

The man who was believed to be dead after his house had burned down last year had been living as a hermit in the Daniel Boone National Forest, feeding off fish and squirrels until he was discovered by game wardens this week.


The man finally admitted to having dug up the corpse of his own father at the local cemetery to fake his own death, before setting fire to his house last year.

«I’ve been working 120 hours a week for the past 10 years just to pay for the child support of my 11 kids, I was ready to do anything to get out of that mess» he told officers during his interrogation. «My mom always told us we’d go to Hell if we were to use condoms, that it wasn’t how God had planned it all and that condoms didn’t grow in trees or something, that they were a product of the Devil» he admitted on tape. «Now I know better, I should’ve never listened to the old witch. Curse her and her damn religion» he acknowledged in tears.

Legal experts believe the man could be sentenced to up to 6 years in jail for desecrating the tomb of his father and faking his own death. The man is also in debt for over 150,000$ of unpaid child support over the past two years.


Source:  Worldnewsdailyreport

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