Man Charged With Assault After Kicking Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend In The Chest While In Labor And Delivery


Photo Credit: (VILevi/Fotolia) | Trayevon Braye (Photo/Hollywood Police Department)

Fighting with an ex boyfriend/girlfriend current mate is crazy. A man is charged with aggravated assault after kicking his pregnant ex girlfriend in the chest while she was in labor and delivery. Check out the full story below.

Via The Grio

A 21-year-old man has been accused of aggravated battery after he allegedly went to the hospital where his former girlfriend was delivering a baby.

The man, Trayevon Braye, allegedly got into a fight with the pregnant woman’s current boyfriend before he kicked her and was forcibly restrained.

According to a report, Braye found the woman in a hospital bed with her boyfriend. When he arrived, the boyfriend asked, “Do you want him here?”

When the woman said no, Braye began to get agitated and to swear at the two of them. The woman then notified a nurse, who requested security. Although Braye left after that, he returned later and confronted the woman’s boyfriend in a “fighting stance.” The two fought briefly, and Braye kicked the pregnant woman in the chest even as the security guard who arrived on the scene tried to hold him in a “bear hug.”

Eventually, Braye was restrained and then escorted and jailed.

Kerting Baldwin, a hospital spokeswoman, has since issued a statement related to the incident, saying that “patient safety and security are paramount at Memorial Healthcare System and tight security is maintained throughout all of our hospitals and maternity areas.”


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