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Mama Agnes Says, “Today’s Women Are Sorry” Women Need To Raise Their Children!!!!

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A woman known only as Mama Agnes goes in on women saying, “Today’s Women Are Sorry” they need to do better jobs of raising their children and choosing the right mates.”  She said, “A woman needs to be a woman” She then said a mans place is to provide and if he don’t provide, you don’t need him.”

At 72 years old this beautiful outspoken woman says she is not afraid of hard work and been taking care of kids since she was 5 years old and working since she was 7 years old.

Mama Agnes is what’s missing from these communities.  There was a time when there was a Mama Agness on every block and in almost every household.  Children were well behaved, well mannered, dressed appropriately and feared adults.

Mothers cooked, washed and kept the house and children in order while the men were real men and worked, paid bills and sealed the deal with whatever mama said had to be done.

My how times have changed.  Fast forward to 2015 and you have young men sagging their pants, cursing in public, disrespecting females, not wanting to work and hustling is now their new jobs.

Young women sleeping around with multiple partners, having babies like it’s a fashion statement, posting provocative videos and photos of themselves on social media as if they are selling goods while not cooking for their children and allowing different men in and out of their homes.

Mama Agnes said she is tired of these young women having these babies, being on the system and getting money that should be going to senior citizens.

Well, Mama Agnes has spoken, Listen, Hear and Understand!!

Check out Mama Agnes  video and see if she’s spitting real knowledge!!!



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