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Maid Of Honor Delivers The Best Wedding Speech EVER [Video]

When was the last time you went to a wedding and heard the wedding speeches from the best man and the maid of honor and were completely bored out of your mind.  The guests all know the bride and groom love, how they met, how much they love each other and all that jazz.  After 3 or 4 of those kind of speeches, you just say “awwww” and want to get to the open bar and down the stiffest drink possible…LOL!!!

Well this young lady in the video is the sister of the bride and she gave the absolute best and most creative wedding speech that EarHustle411 has ever come across.  So good that we automatically considered it to be EarHustle411 Approved!!

Ear Hustle 411 Approved Thumbs Up


Take a look:

Congratulations to Hayley and Paul O’Brien on their wedding, may your journey together be long and prosperous!!!


Source: YouTube

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