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Magic Johnson Speaks with ESPN About The LA Clippers Owner

Donald Sterling is catching it from every angle, as he should because what he did was despicable.  Of Course he is not the only person of “vanilla” color to make rude racist remarks.  I would be just as passionate about this is the tables were turned and it was former BET Executive Bob Johnson who made remarks like this or better yet Oprah Winfrey.

Magic Johnson

What Magic Johnson says in the footage captured by ESPN is nothing short of the truth.  Donald Sterling really should remove himself as the owner of the LA Clippers.  Although I am not a huge follower of sports due to my own convictions about hoe they are run’ doesn’t make me a good candidate to speak about his behavior.  I pray that this is a lesson learned, free speech is a wonderful sign until the mouth opens and a foot gets put in it.  If Sir Charles Barkley does not get a pass for some of the words that come out of is mouth Donald Sterling should not get one either.


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