Macklemore and Oscar The Grouch Get Their Rap On About Trash


Macklemore is returning to the “Thrift Shop” – but this time on “Sesame Street.”

The Grammy-winning rapper reworked his hit song for the children’s series, teaming up with Oscar the Grouch and other Muppets to rap about Oscar’s favorite thing: garbage.

Dressed in wacky, mismatched clothes, Macklemore and friends perform an ode to finding good deals in unexpected places, including the dustbin.

They discuss the joys of finding the “yuckiest, muckiest, grimiest trash” they can find, which they call “gross and awesome.” The rapper even performs the song from Oscar’s trash can.


 The kid-friendly version of the tune comes just a week after Macklemore and his fiancée announced on social media that they were expecting their first child.
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