Luscious Lyon aka Terrence Howard Is Allegedly Getting Death Threats From His Real Ex-Wife

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Is Terrence Howard‘s real-life drama getting just as dicey as any plot thread on Empire?

According to recently filed court documents, the actor accused his ex-wife Michelle Ghent of sending him death threats via Instagram last year using a fictitious account. The pair divorced in May 2013 after what can for lack of a better word be described as a contentious union.

Howard alleged in a May 2014 criminal threat complaint obtained by E! News that, a month prior, he and his current wife “received the following messages: ‘Your bitch is done,’ ‘I’m watching you!’ and ‘You two won’t live to see you’re [sic] children! Lol.'”

“The victim and Mira H. fear for their life since the suspect knows where they live,” the complaint stated. “Mira H. believes the suspect is more than capable of following through her threats.”

Howard married wife Miranda Howard, his third wife, in late 2013 and they’re currently expecting their first child together, Howard’s fourth over all.

Terrence Howard, Miranda Howard

A search warrant was issued for Ghent’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the necessary log-ins, IP addresses, etc., to look into her digital footprint.

Per court documents, investigators seized an email from Facebook’s law enforcement response team informing the LAPD that they found Michie_Gent but could not locate the users of the three other account names from which the other threats allegedly came from, as well as 138 pages of subscriber information and copies of posts from April 1, 2014, to July 1, 2014.

The search warrant file alleges that Instagram user ROSEKIM1988 posted a photo from Howard and Miranda’s wedding day with the caption, “Whores run in the family.” The same photo was also sent from the account jchang768, captioned, “Aww whores run in the family! Lol.”

Howard and Miranda also were targeted in an Instagram post from Michie_Ghent with a photo of a pill bottle with the caption, “oh dear look what I found. Do hope you refilled it’s one of your things you can’t leave home with out.”

The complaint continues: “The victim said that this harassment has been going on for over a year. Now he is receiving threats. He and his wife are afraid that the suspect is going to follow through with the threats. To the victim, the harassment appears to be escalating.”

Michelle Ghent, meanwhile, told TMZ this week that she did not send these messages and that she has talked to police and is no longer considered a suspect. The search warrant filing states that Feb. 11 was the cutoff date for authorities to comb through the data they received from Facebook and Instagram to be in compliance with the warrant.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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