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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reality Star Hazel-E Has Been Fired For Homophobic Comments

Love & Hip Hop Reality Star Hazel-E Has Been Fired For Homophobic Comments

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For someone who has had multiple surgeries, from a nose job, lip injections, skin bleaching, weaves, butt implants, breast implants and her teeth worked on, she has a lot of nerves to talk about anyone.  She also made some disgusting comments about darker skin black women which she never apologized for.

Does she not realize that 95% of her audience are a combination Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders as well as black women?

Hazel-E has officially been fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Apparently, it wasn’t just her homophobic comments that got her terminated. She was allegedly fired before her homophobic rant and dark skin women dis on social media. According to the Grio, the producers were apparently tired of her antics.

Hazel E pissed off the producers in September during the reunion and was fired on October 4.

The day after she was fired was when her tirade began.  Hazel and her boyfriend began disrespecting homosexuals after someone accused her boyfriend of being gay. She said wanted every single gay person to burn in hell. She then said Dark skin women were mad because they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test and were jealous of her light skin which many said she failed to tell folks that she bleached her skin.

Ear Hustle 411 cannot confirm whether or not she bleached her skin or not but she sure does look lighter.

She has since apologized for the gay comments but she never apologized for the comments she made towards black women.

Hazel-E Before & After Surgery


Hazel E then said she wasn’t talking about all dark skin women, just the ones she has been fighting with lately.




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