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Did Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Co-stars Mimi Faust & Nikko Break It Off ?


Did Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Co-stars Mimi Faust & Nikko Break It Off ?

Last Thursday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was a pretty emotional one for star Mimi Faust, who suffered the loss of her father (and only surviving parent). Mimi met with bestie Ariane Davis and told her that it seemed like her boyfriend (and sex tape partner) Nikko was the only one she could trust, but from the look of next week’s episode, Mimi is hit with yet some more shocking news: that Nikko is possibly a married man

Now we have yet to learn the specifics of Nikko’s rumored marriage, but fans took to Twitter to get the dish about Mimi trusting Nikko, and guys, Mimi’s response gave the impression that not only was she done trusting him, she was done with him in general.



“Presently I’m learning to trust myself before trusting another man,” Mimi tweeted.

Could it be? Did Mimi finally come to her senses (like the rest of us) and decide to move on from Nikko? We can’t really be sure. Though Nikko has been pretty absent from Mimi’s social media pages, Mimi posed with Nikko for a photo as recently as two weeks ago, days after the reunion show taping-turned-brawl.

Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of Mimi and Nikko’s relationship on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and see if the couple move past it together or apart.


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