Love Is In The Air For R&B Singer Tweet And Pastor Jamal Bryant

Love is in the air for Charlene ‘Tweet’ Keys and Pastor Jamal Bryant.  It seems that after Pastor Bryant’s chance meeting Tweet on his way to a Oprah Winfrey movie premiere while walking through Times Square, he asked for a picture and apparently she obliged. Over time the two had become friends and are now embarking on a relationship together.  Pastor Bryant says:

“We’ve grown into an incredible friendship, said Jamal. “I call her my last lady.”


Photo Credit: YBF

Most people know that it’s not an easy road to dating a man or woman of the cloth.  People can quite critical in their opinions as well as their thoughts.  Right or wrong it’s true however in a recent episode of The Preachers talk show, Pastor Bryant asked Tweet revealed the most difficult thing about their being in a relationship and she said:

I guess it’s dealing with the women that send messages that said God said that they are your girlfriend. Then dealing with church people who say that I’m not Godly enough to be with him, but I have a relationship with God, so I’m good.”

Although Pastor Bryant has had some indiscretions in his previous union to “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant we have to allow people to change themselves and learn from their mistakes.  On that note, there’s nothing else to be said  it’s not our place to do so anyways.  Everyone deserves an opportunity to be happy, whatever that happiness looks like.

Congratulations to Tweet and Pastor Jamal Bryant, we wish them all the best.

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