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Louisiana Woman Starbuck Order Was Served With Satanic Symbols Drawn On Top


The devil made his influence felt in our mortal affairs once more over the weekend, taking the form of the caramel drizzle on top of a Starbucks beverage.

A Baton Rouge, La., schoolteacher claimed that a Mall of Louisiana Starbucks served her two drinks with a pentagram and a “666” drawn on them.

The star was fine, Megan Pinion wrote in a Facebook complaint, because “it is in your Starbucks logo,” but the 666 was “quite offensive.” She added that she was in no way judging the personal beliefs of the barista who made the drinks.

Pinion, a public school teacher “of Catholic faith,” didn’t get the name of the malign earthly spirit who despoiled her coffee beverages because she couldn’t bring herself to look at him after that whole awkward bit with the Number of the Beast.

A Starbucks rep said the company has apologized for the incident.

“(Sunday) was the first we heard of it when she posted on our Facebook page,” the spokesman told the Daily Advertiser. “We reached out to her through social media and apologized. We’re taking the complaint seriously. We’re not sure who served her or what kind of beverage it was. It looks kind of caramel-ish in the photos.”

And, as everyone knows, caramel is the material with which Old Scratch weaves his traps to lure us unto temptation.

It’s not clear whether Starbucks has taken any action to reprimand the barista/unholy vessel.

Source: Gawker.Com


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