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Louisiana Detective Photographed At KKK Anti-Immigration Rally Refuses To Resign His Position

Now if this scenario isn’t a cause for concern as it related to law enforcement nothing is. A Louisiana detective who was snapped on camera participating in an anti-immigration KKK rally is refusing to remove himself from his position as a detective. Citizens should be concerned about this type of behavior and affiliations that law enforcement personnel are participating in simply because if they are involved with hate groups like this man did. How can they possibly do their job effectively and not have some form of bias or equal racial integrity? Just something to think about

Read more as reported by Daily KOS:

That image above is Detective Raymond Mott of the Lake Arthur Police Department (LAPD—but not that LAPD). He has admitted as much according to the Jennings Daily News. The photo began circulating on social media and was picked up by the newspaper starting quite a stir—since he’s straight up clearly in the Klu Klux Klan. The police chief of the Lake Arthur PD, Ray Marcantel is saying that if Mott doesn’t resign by today, Marcantel will ask the town council to fire him. Raymond Mott has an answer that is so frightening it begs the question how this guy got his job in the first place.

“I refuse to resign,” the detective told the newspaper. “I have been baptized – after the events and have the documents to prove that – and a short while after my baptism, I have become an ordained minister and started a charity-based ministry in Lake Arthur.”

Mott initially claimed he attended the Klan rally in Troy, N.C., while on a “secret mission” for the FBI, but he later said that wasn’t true.

He’s an ordained minister guys. Nothing to see here. Makes you wonder about the police vetting process.
Marcantel said he did a “thorough background” check prior to hiring Mott, checking with three other police agencies where Mott apparently worked. Those agencies weren’t publicly identified by the chief who said Mott’s “credentials showed no questionable history.”

Everything was clear with his background check,” the chief told the newspaper. “I did everything I was supposed to do then, and now I’m just trying to do my job and keep the peace.

This isn’t surprising to anyone following the #blacklivesmatter movement. There are racists and Klansmen in our law enforcement agencies throughout the country. But there are serious consequences to having virulent hate-mongers in positions of authority and, according to those consequences will now be investigated:
The detective has made more recent arrests than any other officer with the tiny Lake Arthur Police Department, and now those cases are under review for possible bias, given Mott’s involvement with the KKK, officials say.
Michael Cassidy, the district attorney for the 31st Judicial District Court, said arrests made by Mott leading the prosecutions will be reviewed.

“Certainly I am concerned because I recognize that all law enforcement officers should be objective and unbiased in order to do their jobs fairly and consistently,” Cassidy told the newspaper.

You better be concerned.

Source: Daily KOS

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