Local DJ Gets A New Heart, A New Lease On Life & Another Chance To Get “It” Right

dj Flash

EarHustle411 is pleased and very privileged to share a story about a local DJ who took his health for granted until he had no choice but to listen to it speak to him.

Kelvin Martin aka “DJ Flash” has a story to tell and words of gratefulness to share.  Like most DJs they get into the field because it most certainly has its privileges, like girls, prestige and most time free drinks (if they drink).  Kelvin was no exception to this dream.

The one thing that’s interesting about Kelvin is that he was like the average man where their health was the last thing on their minds.  Most men would have to be bleeding profusely and have several broken bones and they still will not go to the doctor, however let them get the flu and we are talking the end of the world…LOL!!

Kelvin’s love for music and the other perils of this life took precedence over his health, this would include him being diagnosed with Hypertension more commonly known as High Blood Pressure.  Unfortunately listening to the advice of a respected relative may have added to the quick progression of his ultimate diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure.

Well don’t let us tell you HIS STORY listen to Kelvin tell you about his journey:



Kelvin was given the “Gift of Hope” and he is spreading the word that there are people who care and if it was not for an organ donor this post could be about someone else and not HIM!!

EarHustle411 is proud of Kelvin and we wish him much success, continued health progress and kudos for taking his life seriously and being the “beacon” for someone else who may have went the same route as he did.  May God continue to use you!!

Source: YouTube

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