“Lisa Raye Admits She was Never in Love With her Ex- Husband Michael Misick”

Single Ladies” actress Lisa Raye McCoy recently confessed that she was never actually in love with her ex-husband, Michael Misick. I loved him,” McCoy told Sister 2 Sister. “But I wasn’t in love. We were growing towards that. The 46-year-old mom says she never got a chance to fall in love before things unraveled with the former Premier of Turks and Caicos.



I just didn’t fall soon enough before all hell broke loose. “When asked if the idea of being a first lady played a role in her decision to marry Misick, she confessed that it had. “It was all of that,” she said. Although their marriage ended on a fairly tumultuous note, the Chicago native says she wishes her ex-husband, who is in quite a bit of legal trouble, all the best.


I spoke to him last year and we’re talking. I’m wishing him the best because I know what kind of fight he has ahead of him. But he’s in jail right now in Brazil.” “I definitely pray for him. But I know that he didn’t want that to be a part of his legacy. He’s not that kind of man. He’s fighting for his life right now. “As for whether or not she knew about his alleged, dirty political dealings, McCoy maintains her innocence.


At the end of the day, he told me, ‘You can help me run this country.  This is what we can accomplish together. Will you be able to help me?  And I was like, “Absolutely I can”.  He sold the dream to me.  Now was I part of the shenanigans?  I can’t say that I knew any of that because there were different laws and rules.


I was just there trying to get along and trying to find my way as this new American first lady of Turks and Caicos. So I’m kind of following his lead because I left my friends and family in the States,” said Lisa Raye, adding that she’s thankful that she didn’t find herself in trouble with Misick.  Despite having two failed marriages, Lisa Raye remains optimistic about marrying again. “It’s going to be real and I’m going to be in love.

Source:    madamenoire.com

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