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Lisa Bonet Sends Out Mysterious Tweets A midst The Bill Cosby Controversy!

sa Bonet Send Out Mysterious Tweets A midst The Bill Cosby Controversy!


Lisa Bonet was fired from The Cosby Show twice. She often had clashes with Bill Cosby, creatively and because of her increasingly unprofessional behavior.  Her behavior also occasionally created tension backstage for the younger Cosby Show kids.

The first time she was fired was in 1987 at the urging of Cosby. Over a hiatus, Bonet had made the movie Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke, and she had several graphic sex scenes with him (many of which had to be cut), and did a nude magazine photo shoot. Needless to say, her actions made a mockery of the morals clauses which all the Cosby show children had to abide by. So she was fired, but threatened to drag the show’s producers and Cosby into a media mudsling, and also threatened legal action against the show. As a compromise, Lisa was kept off The Cosby Show, but put into a spinoff series ‘A Different World’instead. Lisa only spent a year on A Different World, leaving the show when she became pregnant.

Source:  Answers.com


Recently, Lisa Bonet sent out some interesting tweets amidst the Bill Cosby Controversy.

We at Ear Hustle 411 don’t know what these tweets mean if anything but let us know what your opinion of her tweets are.

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