Lil Mama Brings The Drama In TVOne’s When Love Kills: The Story Of Falicia Blakely

EarHustle411 loves a great drama especially one that is based on a true story. The case about Falicia Blakely is one that is so bizarre but disturbing because of how things played out.

Blakely was a young 16-year old mother trying to make it in life having moved from place to place who found herself eventually becoming a stripper and ultimately in a relationship with a man who was “skilled” at finessing her and possibly other women into doing what he wanted them to do.

On August 28, 2017 in the TVOne network, Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland will portray Falicia Blakely in the made for TV drama “When Love Kills”.  Kirkland give a stunning performance as Blakely in the short film.

According to news reports about Falicia Blakely, she was painted to be a cold-blooded killer, when her dysfunctional upbringing and weak state of mind could have also been a contributing factor that led her to the life of crime she was involved in.

In more recent news Mike “Dino” Berry the man that Blakely had been involved with at the time of the heinous crimes she was convicted of had been arrested on charges of possession and there’s also s tell all book in the works.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff will be watching the TV drama and we are excited for Lil Mama. This role just may be the breakout role that will open the doors to more dramatic scripts for her career because of the trailer is any indication of how much hard work she’s put into portraying Falicia Blakely, she should have a line of scripts coming her way!!

Check out the preview of When Love Kills in the video posted about and share your thoughts.

Source: TVOne(video)

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