Lifetime Network Launches “Whitney” Biopic: What Did You Think?…You Be The Judge!!


January 17, 2015 has been the day for the long-awaited biopic “Whitney” and EarHustle411 and the writing staff enjoyed the presentation of the about the life and time of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Granted the two had their fair share of ups and down s their lives unfolded in the entertainment business.

The biopic’s director Angela Bassett has been on a fierce promotion campaign for the project and the time has finally come for the world to witness her work.  Casting choices were a little interesting from Robin Crawford to Babyface and LA Reid to Cissy Houston but nothing that can’t be overlooked by most who watch the production.  whitney logo Yaya DaCosta did a  great job portraying the Late Whitney Houston, although no one can compare to Whitney but for all intents and purposes she was a good.  This role we don’t doubt that it was difficult and we dare not take the shine away from her,  kudos Yaya for doing your best.

Arlen Escarpeta portrayed Whitney’s husband Bobby Brown in the biopic much to people’s dismay, we believe he did a good job as well.  Bobby may have been a lot of things to Whitney but it would seem they both contributed to each other’s habits as it related to their addiction.  Love is most certainly a wonderful thing but if the love shared becomes lustful, damage is surely to follow.  Whitney and Bobby were truly no different from any other couple who faced adversity in their relationship, theirs just happened to be intensified due to their superstar status and the entire world watching their every move.  Unfortunately no one wants to live their life always in scrutiny, there’s no doubt that Whitney and Bobby would’ve done things differently if they could foresee the turmoil that lay ahead for them.

whitney and bobby

Of course they’ve got “something in common” some good and some not so good but life has this funny way of making things work out.  Sometimes those of us who are on the outside looking in, we don’t know the truth and only God and those involved know the real, hard, unfiltered TRUTH!!


All and all the biopic was much better than we envisioned it to be and it clearly was not a disaster like some other biopics made in the past.  It is unfortunate the Houston family made it clear they would not be supporting the production and their reasons are their reasons however it would seem they would want to provide input but that’s neither here nor there.

Now that the biopic is out EarHustle411 would like to know what your thoughts are.

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