Lifetime Depicts How Aaliyah’s Family Reacts To Her Marriage To R. Kelly


When Lifetime confirmed that they would be working on an Aaliyah biopic, they revealed that the film would address the late singer’s brief marriage to R. Kelly.

“Lifetime needed to tell this story correctly. Fans won’t say, ‘Oh, my God, how could you disgrace her memory?’ And nosy people like me who want to find out things will also be fine, executive producer Wendy Williams told Billboard.

“[It covers] her upbringing. How did she meet R. Kelly? What did her parents say when their 15-year-old baby girl brought home a 28-year-old man? Aaliyah was a take-charge young lady with strong opinions about her career. This movie tells all those stories without being distasteful.”

As promised, the network included the throwback scandal in the movie’s storyline. They recently released a sneak peek from the scene where Aaliyah’s parents learn of the marriage and umm…it’s pretty interesting. In the clip, Aaliyah’s parents are stunned to learn that their daughter secretly married her much older mentor, and her father becomes so enraged that he attacks him.

Check out the sneak peek below and let us know your thoughts.



Source: Madame Noire

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