Legendary Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp & His Team Kicked Out Of Chicago’s Ruth Chris’ Steak House

Chicago has some serious problems when an establishment that has a City of Chicago and a State of Illinois license to do business but they cannot treat Blacks who spend their HARD OWNED “GREEN” DOLLARS with RESPECT.

EarHustle411 came across this story on Facebook and we would be remiss if we didn’t share it.  We can only imagine how many people that live here who has had this type of racism done to them.

Anyone who follows music knows that the Gospel Fest brings some of the genre’s greatest talent to the city.  The City of Chicago gains so much from the event taking place here.  Legendary & Award Winning Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp and 6 members of his team were not allowed to partake in a meal at the Ruth Chris Steak House located at 431 N. Dearborn in downtown Chicago because they didn’t have on the “proper” attire.  According to The Official Marvin Sapp Facebook page, as he and his team witnessed there were many others patrons were dressed in jeans and t-shirts but Marvin and his team were still turned away.

Take a look at Marvin’s post on Facebook:

marvin sapp

Ruth Chris Steak House’s corporate offices are located in Florida, so this location is merely a franchise, I wonder do they know how they are treating the Black residents and those black visitors here.

ruth chris steak house

This is DEFINITELY NOT the way to do business.  We have Black business owners being treated unfairly and here we have this place not serving one of the BIGGEST  singers of the Gospel genre.  They must not have know who they were messing with!!

If the policy is to not serve anyone in jeans THAT MEANS – NO ONE…regardless of color.

Black people when is enough going to be enough? When will we stop spending our hard earned “green” BLACK DOLLARS where WE are not wanted?  EarHustle411 is not saying this is an isolated incident, it just may be the one time someone spoke out about the treatment and if it were not Marvin Sapp it may have been someone else. Celebrity status has nothing to do with being treated with respect and fairly, however he along with SEVERAL of his music industry peers are here spreading the LOVE OF JESUS and bringing the message of HOPE to the City and to be treated like this is not only disturbing but should be embarrassing to the Ruth Chris Steak House Brand and the City of Chicago.

Marvin, EarHustle411 has got your back, we agree with you this is a “double standard” and there’s no maybe about it, let’s just call it what it is!!!



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