LeBron Violates Royal Protocol, Puts Arm Around Kate Middleton During Photo, He’s King James !!!!

LeBron Violates Royal Protocol, Puts Arm Around Kate Middleton During Photo, He's King James !!!!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton, were in Brooklyn last night for their first taste of NBA action. They met Brooklyn’s own royal family when they attended the Cavs-Nets game at Barclays Center. After Cleveland got the win, LeBron Jamespresented the royal couple with some jerseys and cupcakes. Except, while posing for photos with the popular pair, James broke royal rules of etiquette and put his arm around Kate Middleton. HEAVENS NO!

“While posing for photographs, LeBron James appeared to surprise the Duchess of Cambridge by breaking royal protocol and placing his arm around her,” the UK’s Daily Telegraph reports by way of the New York Daily News.

This isn’t the first time an American has blundered beyond accepted British decorum, as the Telegraph notes. In 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama committed the same infraction by — GASP! — hugging the Queenduring a photoshoot.

Such rules of conduct aren’t commonplace in America, where we don’t have a Monarch — having shed the shackles of British rule more than 200 years ago. If the First Lady can forget the accepted punctilios, then so can freakin’ LeBron James.

We’re all pretty foolish for having reported on this, or caring one bit, and Kate handled the gaffe with her trademark cool — as befits a future Queen

Source: Dime Magazine

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